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Gulf Sustainability & CSR Awards

As an Emirati owned family business with 16,000 employees and a long heritage in the region, Al Naboodah Group Enterprises is passionate about giving back to its origins whilst creating an optimistic landscape for future generations.

At the Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group, we are immensely proud to have made 60 years of contribution to this country, supplying infrastructure, products and services, generating employment and creating value over time.

Chairman, Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Holding Abdullah Mohammed Juma Al Naboodah

As we continue to learn throughout our sustainability journey we start to analyse our strengths and weaknesses. We are constantly engaging with our strategic partners, suppliers, employees and customers to address new challenges and find innovative solutions to create shared value for everyone involved.

General Manager, Sustainability Fatima Ahmed Saeed Al Naboodah

Delighting our customers is at the heart of our success. All of our initiatives to jointly enhance dialogue, collaboration and innovation are in pursuit of increased customer loyalty and retention.

General Manager, Marketing Shaikha Abdullah Mohammed Al Naboodah


A glance at our sustainability performance 2017

Working as a Family


Responsible Consumption


Unlocking Potential


Our approach to sustainability

Our sustainability framework is based on the three pillars of sustainability, social, economic and environmental. The framework outlines the key sustainability focus areas for ANGE, which were identified during roundtable discussions between the Sustainability Council and interviews with key internal stakeholders. Based on the framework, we have created a sustainability roadmap with strategic objectives, initiatives, KPIs and targets. The roadmap provides a high level overview of planned activities and the strategic direction of the Group. The roadmap is broken down into three key areas; responsible consumption, working as a family and unlocking potential. Each area has set strategic objectives which have been assigned to a Sustainability Council leader. The leaders are responsible for implementing and achieving these objectives and will be measured against approved KPIs and targets.


Sustainability Goals and Targets

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Road map to Sustainable Development Goals & Targets 2018

Working as a FamilyResponsible ConsumptionUnlocking Potential

Preserving our heritage

With many Emiratis facing challenges to find suitable employment, the Emiratisation of our workforce to create meaningful and sustainable job opportunities for Emirati nationals is an important principle and a government initiative we fully support. With 60 years of history in the region, we are also proud to actively promote Emirati culture whenever and wherever possible.

  • Employ 300 UAE nationals by the end of 2018.
  • To create further awareness around Emirati culture, ANGE will take part in all national and religious holidays as well as participating in national career fairs across the UAE.

Educating stakeholders

Ensuring everyone connected to our business is both aware of our sustainable development goals and targets as well as contributing wherever possible, is an important part of our programme. This involves educational initiatives such as a mandatory training programme and the sharing of our annual sustainability report.

  • Create a mandatory corporate sustainability training programme across ANGE for our employees.
  • Share our 2016 sustainability report with all our stakeholders.
  • Promote our road safety campaign with external shareholders. See our sustainability calendar of events for more information related to upcoming events.

Employee welfare

Our business and success depends on our people. It is why promoting employee welfare whether through offering educational or sporting activities for example, and listening to their suggestions and concerns, is a critical part of what we do.

  • Set up an employee suggestion scheme.
  • Enhance employee wellness in labour camps for all labourers by the end of 2017.
  • Run more sports and recreational activities.
  • Offer IT and English courses in labour camps by the end of 2017.

Water Conservation

The UAE is one of the top water users in the world – at 550 litres per person per day – despite having one of the lowest figures for water availability. With much of our water coming from carbon intensive desalination processes, it is important that we lead the way as a company in reducing the amount of water we use throughout our operations.

  • Conduct a detailed water footprint to establish a baseline in water usage and achieve a 1% reduction in annual fresh water consumption.
  • Develop an action plan to recycle water (condensate) produced by air conditioning chillers.
  • Water conservation – over the next three months, identify where water can be used more efficiently in five areas across ANGE.

Managing Energy Efficiently

As the world looks for new and renewable energy sources to replace carbon intensive energy, it is important that we also look to reduce the amount of energy we use. As a business we have set targets to cut the amount of energy we use to both save money while delivering on our promise to protect the environment and comply with upcoming regulations such as the UAE’s Green Economy Initiative and the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

  • Reduce energy consumption by 3.5% to 5% annually.
  • Achieve ISO 50001 compliance by the end of 2017.
  • Develop a standard operating procedure for enhancement of our energy performance in six months.
  • Conduct an annual/bi-annual energy audit.

Reducing Waste

For all businesses, reducing the amount of waste created and recycling as much as possible is becoming more critical. The range of waste we produce ranges from construction materials such as excavated soil and concrete to tyres and oil filters from our automotive business. Where possible, we apply the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ approach to all our operations.

  • Set up recycling targets for each waste category generated by our facilities, with waste sorting rates of 30% achieved by the end of 2017.
  • 100% compliance with UAE waste legislation by the end of 2017.

Customer engagement

Customers are far more likely to work with a brand or business that they can actively engage with which is why we continue to explore ways of communicating to our clients to help us understand what they value about partnering with us and areas we can continue to improve on. Communicating our progress around our sustainability initiatives to both clients and our employees is particularly important.

  • Increase the awareness of our corporate sustainability initiatives through the use of videos for both internal and external audiences.
  • Conduct a customer survey.

Innovation for a better future

Innovation is one of the key factors of sustainable business success. We can continue to become more efficient for example, but if we do not also innovate we will fail to keep pace with the expectations that our customers and stakeholders have for our business and the products and services we provide.

  • Design sustainable products and services.

Fair opportunities for all

Increasing the diversity of our workforce is not just the right thing to do but, through the introduction of different perspectives and other ideas, will ultimately improve the decision making in our business. Tied to a high quality employee training programme, we aim to give every individual the opportunity to maximise their full potential.

  • Ensure that 10% of all newly recruited employees are female.
  • Provide high quality training to all our employees is one of our key strategic objectives for 2017 with a goal to provide six hours of training annually for 20% of ANGE’s employees.

Did you know?

Rooted in history, our sustainability logo is a representation of the Ghaf tree, the national tree of the UAE. The Ghaf tree is a symbol of perseverance and giving, offering much shelter, food and fuel - and demanding very little water in return. Our logo represents people joined together with open arms in the act of giving and it underpins our sustainability approach to preserve our heritage and give back to the community, the economy and the environment.

Corporate Sustainability Video

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